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A real estate fund that can be invested from 1 million yen in the heart of Tokyo! A free online seminar is coming soon!


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▼Thorough explanation of 1 million yen and small real estate funds available for investment▼
“The return on investment can be as high as 4% in one year!
“What is the system that guarantees the investment capital even if the evaluation amount is less than 60%?
“Property within 7 minutes walk of Omori Station, 1 unit from 100,000 yen to invest!”

Q:Do you have these problems when investing in real estate?
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1. I am interested in investing in real estate, but I feel insecure because the amount is too large and I lack knowledge and experience.
2. I want to invest in real estates those are in high demand and stable in the center of the city, but I don’t have enough capital.
3. I want to start with a small amount of investment because of the risk of loans and so on.
4. have sufficient investment ability, but can’t find a good object
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This seminar will provide you with detailed answers to the above questions!
For more information, please contact:
This seminar and products are only available to Japanese residents*.
We will also hold various online seminars including English and Chinese ones in the future.Join us!

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