GLOCALY AI TranslationUltra-high accuracy automatic translation AI
(Individual plan explanation)

Service Introduction


Accuracy 95% comparable to professional translators

Glocaly AI translation service is the latest AI automatic translation and also has a dedicated database for real estate specialization.
Not only supports the real estate industry, but also supports translation engines in various fields.
The translation service we introduced was developed to translate real estate documents such as real estate sales contracts and important matters.
In addition, it is a high-performance translation service that can handle 2,000 fields such as medicine, chemistry, machinery, IT, legal affairs, and finance.

Use AI (artificial intelligence) to understand articles

The translation engine we introduced uses deep learning, which is a multi-layer algorithmic structure modeled on the neural circuits of human and animal brains. Neural networks learn to change the strength of synaptic connections and evolve their ability to solve problems. By learning to use AI (artificial intelligence) machine translation engine for each professional field, we have achieved professional translation level accuracy.
By adopting the world's first translation logic that integrates artificial intelligence and the Internet, "before and after judgment and interpretation of context", we have achieved high translation accuracy that cannot be achieved by traditional translation software. This allows AI to automatically recognize sentences. For example, if a word is interrupted and split into two lines, AI can use context to determine the meaning of the word.


The main function

Function explanation

  • Quickly translated PDF information, can share for the company's overseas business partners
  • Convert documents in the format you usually use to the other party’s native language
  • Translate various documents (PDF・Word・Excel・PowerPoint) while maintaining the format
  • In addition to real estate, it also supports translation in a wide range of professional fields such as legal affairs and finance
  • Support translation in 100 languages ​​including Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.

Translation and correction work efficiency

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    Maintain the format of business documents

    Traditional translation engines are generally less versatile when formats are removed, as they can only translate specific files. On the other hand, our translation service can maintain the format of business documents such as PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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    Can translate more than 100 languages ​​in the world

    By letting AI learn the translation results of various specialized fields beyond the language barrier, translation into various languages ​​can be performed with high accuracy and automatically.
    In addition to English-Japanese translation, automatic translation in more than 90 languages ​​around the world is available separately. Supported languages ​​(partial): Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, etc.

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    Convenience and ultra-high security

    When translating important corporate documents including confidential information, we have adopted an encryption system (SSL) for data communication so that it can be used in a secure environment, and at the same time thoroughly prevent the theft of personal information. It can be used on a web browser while being protected from unauthorized external access.

Price list

GLOCALY AI TranslationSimple Solution


1 month validity period

Word limit35,000words

Approximate number of pages110

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GLOCALY AI TranslationBasic program


1 month validity period

Word limit60,000words

Approximate number of pages200

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GLOCALY AI TranslationBusiness Solution


1 month validity period

Word limit130,000words

Approximate number of pages430

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GLOCALY AI TranslationProfessional Solution


1 month validity period

Word limit210,000words

Approximate number of pages700

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10,000 text addition plan

If the amount of data in the current month exceeds the upper limit of the plan, you can continue to use the translation service by adding the amount of data.

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