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Near Rogucho Station on the Tsukuba Express Line “Excelsior Rogucho (Hozukacho)”has been sold!


Property News

It only takes 16 minutes to Akihabara Station, and 20 minutes to Tokyo Station from Rogucho Station.

Excelsior Rogucho (Hozukacho), a 5-story RC luxury residence with excellent attraction for residents, has been sold.

Convenient access

The major stations in Tokyo, like Shinjuku Station (32 minutes) and Tokyo Station (18 minutes), are within a 40-minute radius of the building.

And it is extremely close to Akihabara, a lively, energetic, and unique town.

Land readjustments are processing

The Rogucho 4-chome is included in the land readjustment project underway in the vicinity of Tsukuba Express Rogucho Station in Adachi-Ku, Tokyo. The project covers an area of 69.0 hectares. It is designed to develop an urban infrastructure and create a good and convenient urban area of the newly established wide-area base centered on Tsukuba Express Rogucho Station and the surrounding area.

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