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GLOCALY’s service introduction


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Nowadays, GLOCALY provides services such as “AI translation”, “AI chatbot”, and “property introduction video”.

Our AI translator is developing with a famous company. Also, it has Deep learning function, which is essentially a neural network with three or more layers.

If you use it more, the more accurate it becomes, and it is very attractive that you can do advanced translations while preserving the font.

AI chatbots and property introduction videos are services that allow customers to obtain property information and surrounding information without having to go to the property’s location.

We make full use of the latest technology every day. We are researching a 24/7 unattended answer, speedy, highly accurate AI chatbots services.

We can respond to routine inquiries from customers to somewhat complicated inquiries.

In addition, our property videos are possible to grasp the atmosphere and three-dimensional feeling of property information and surrounding information, visibility is high, and it is possible to conduct a simulated tour as if you are there.

So, Let’s enjoy our introduction video.

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