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Located at Central Tokyo! Famous business area “Ginza”


Latest News

Ginza is one of the busiest downtown areas in Japan, but it is also an attractive city with diversity with a nostalgic atmosphere like a downtown area. It is also known as a high-class commercial area representing central Tokyo, such as Fujiyama, Geisha, Mikimoto, and Akasaka outside of Japan. Lined with flagship stores of overseas high-brands, luxury clubs and bars, luxury watch specialty stores, and department stores, Ginza is the most exclusive and bustling city in Tokyo.

“Excellence Building Ginza 3-chome”, which is a property owned by our company, is located along this bustling road.

Ginza, which is the best investment location in terms of location, remuneration rate, ability to attract customers, etc., is a prime location where property prices will further soar in the future.

Our company, Lead-Real Estate Company Limited, is developing A-class land in Tokyo’s 23 wards and building real estate that can contribute to the earth, society, and customers.

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