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“Excellence Apartment Meguro Honcho 1-chome” stands in an artistic atmosphere


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Address:1-7-18, Meguro Honcho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Property price: 293,600,000 yen

Land area: 130.05㎡

Land price: 200,000,000 yen

Building area: 239.79 ㎡

Building value: 93,600,000 yen

Use: Residence

Meguro Honcho is located in the southeastern part of Meguro Ward.

The entire area belongs to the southern part of the district and straddles the Fudo, Gekkohara, Mukohara, and Hibi residential districts.

The name “Meguro” is said to have come from Meguro Fudoson, one of the Sanshiki Fudoson of the Edo period.

After the Meiji period (1868-1912), it is said that the name was changed to Goshiki Fudoson, and is still revered by the people.


12 minutes’ walk from Tokyu Meguro Line “Musashi Koyama” station

15 minutes’ walk Tokyu Toyoko Line “Gakugei Daigaku” station

It is conveniently located only 13 minutes from Shibuya.

Meguro, which consistently tops the list of “towns I want to live in,” is a desirable city, ranking 4th in 2015 and 2017.

While the Yamanote Line is within easy reach, there is a shopping district and a considerable number of convenience stores and restaurants, making it a very enjoyable place to live.

The rows of cherry trees along the Meguro River are one of the best cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo, attracting many people to visit in spring. In winter, the area is filled with pink illumination.

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