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Land for Excellence Kami-Meguro has been sold!


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The land of Excellence Kami-Meguro in the Kami-Meguro area, a town boasting high popularity for its fashionable atmosphere, has been contracted.

Kami-Meguro is centered around Naka-Meguro Station, which is accessible by both the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Tokyu Toyoko Line.

The Meguro River runs through this area, and in the spring, the area is crowded with cherry blossoms and many cherry blossom-viewing visitors.

The Meguro River is lined with unique stores along the river, making it a great place to enjoy shopping at the same time.

Kami Meguro, located in “Meguro-Ku,” has an image of luxury and glamour, but the Meguro Ginza shopping district still retains a nostalgic, folksy atmosphere, making it a comfortable and pleasant place to live.

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