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More Excellence Meguro Nakane 2-chome has been sold!


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A rare location just a 5-minute walk from Toritsudaigaku Station, an area where liveliness
and sophistication coexist.
More Excellence Meguro Nakane 2-chome, an exclusive residential area with a natural
environment, has been contracted.
From Toritsudaigaku Station, you have excellent access to Jiyugaoka (1 stop),
Nakameguro (3 minutes), Daikanyama (4 minutes), and Shibuya (5 stops).

The area is calm and safe, making it one of the most harmonious and easy-to-live-in areas
on the Tokyu Toyoko Line.
Around the property, there are promenades with abundant greenery, Himonya Park, and

Komazawa Olympic Park, which provide a place for relaxation.
The ToritsuNade commercial facility under the elevated railway tracks, which was
renovated in 2015, has a warm, woody appearance and is home to 14 stores, including
coffee shops and Italian bars.

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