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Japan’s Yen Depreciation, Foreigners enjoy the exchange rate advantage of buying Japanese homes


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Japan’s Yen Depreciation, Foreigners enjoy theexchange rate advantage of buying Japanese homes

In 2022, the average housing prices in Tokyo’s 23 wards rose by about 11.7%.
Since April of 2022, the Japanese yen has been getting weaker.
Foreign investors who have been waiting and watching, are eager to seize the opportunity to enter Japan’s Real Estate Market.

In addition, the Japanese government is keeping in stride with the Tokyo city construction and city development after the Tokyo Olympics.
Tokyo has been listed by the government as an “international business base” for Japan’s national strategic special zone.
Therefore, many measures, such as the relaxing of building regulations and simplification of procedures, that are conducive to the development of the Japanese real estate market.At the same time, the Japanese government continues to carry out urban redevelopment projects, to build new facilities and metropolitan constructions. Japan’s real estate prices are expected to rise significantly in the future.

For Foreigners enjoying the exchange rate advantage, this is a good opportunity for investment

Since the exchange rate of the Japanese yen is weakening and the price of housing in Japan has barely budged throughout the year, foreign investors can capitalize off the exchange rate by buying homes in Japan.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s housing prices continued to rise, redevelopment plans and new construction are continuing. Also, under the influence of inflation, the demand of high-equity customers for safe-haven has increased., which became one of the main reasons for the continual growth of the Japanese real estate market.

Features of real estate investment in Japan

Most foreign investors choose to invest in Japan’s real estate because they are optimistic about the long-term stability of the Japan real estate market. That’s why people will fly all the way to Japan, just to buy a house.

Nowadays, all you have to do is jump on your computer and visit global real estate market platforms.
There are tons of videos and information to confirm the asset value of the properties, also provide an online meeting to explain the important points about the home sale and purchase transactions. You can even finish all the sale and purchase agreements online.

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